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Default Re: hookah mythbusters ?

Originally Posted by Pineal View Post
I don't think that would actually be possible to do. There was a kid in Malaysia who had a cigarette and a lighter in his locker. When it was found his teacher made him smoke 42 cigarettes in over two hours and he couldn't eat for five days. Even when I smoke fast it normally takes me about 4-5 minutes to smoke a cig which would be about 12 cigarettes in an hour. Unless you smoke more than one at a time I don't think that anyone could do it.
Years ago, a lot of them, I had a professor that walked into class each day with a plastic bucket and a carton of lucky strike unfiltered cigarettes. He'd say a few words, suck down a whole cig in a single drag and speak a minute or so before inhaling another cig. In the course of a two hour lecture he went through roughly four or five packs. When I went into the editing lab he'd easily go though a carton in the course of four or so hours. Apparently he smoked about one and a half cartons a day and it never ceased to amaze me that he wasn't dead every time I saw him. The guy listened to Blue Cheer, The 50 Foot Hose and Randy Holden solo stuff all the time and was a totally far out film maker inspired by Stan Brakage, Maya Deren and people to weird to describe.

Bottom line is that the dangers of cigarettes are wildly over stated and if my old prof couldn't smoke 5 packs in an hour I don't think anyone could. Obviously nothing you put in a hookah could be the equivalent of 100 cigarettes since moassel isn't burned and all of the countries that have narghiles as part of the local culture would have been depopulated hundreds of years ago if the hype was real.
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