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Default The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 1

The not so good side to narghile smoking

The last couple of days have not been so great as far as shisha goes. The first hassle:

I went into a pharmacy a couple of days ago to buy some licorice and titralac wearing a tee-shirt I got near the Fishawi coffee shop which has a picture of a narghile and lots of Arabic script. While I was looking over stuff some short, arrogant looking guy walks by me and says “fuckin’ *** head shit” and spits at me. After I wipe the spit off my face I say “what the hell’s wrong with you?”. I was so damn mad it was hard not to strangle him and he steps up into my face screaming something about slackers.

A clerk and some manager type show up telling us that we need to leave. The short, arrogant looking guy starts in on the store dudes babbling about potheads and I start to walk away when the guy punches me in the back of the head. I was dazed so didn’t do anything for a bit but when I looked up the guy was running out the front door and the store guys are yelling and heading towards the phone. I follow the short, arrogant looking guy as he runs through the parking lot but he was a lot faster then I am (as is almost everyone) so he was out of site pretty quickly.

The cops show up about 20 minutes latter and say will keep an eye out for him but not to expect much. I was also told that shouldn’t wear “stoner stuff” unless I want trouble.
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