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Default Kahlil mamoon for under $60 shipped?

Hey guys, I've been looking at Km's and it seemed like it would be cheaper to essentially pick and choose parts from different vendors, and build an extremely cheap km.

I picked up a Large Bell Vase 2" opening, and base grommet from saharasmoke for $15.09 shipped.

Looking at stems from Hookahstore. I'm assuming ANY KM stem fit that vase.

Are those the only things I need?

It would be under $52.92 for a complete KM single pear shipped, or 59.92 for a Butterfly, Kafe small, or double pear.

If I can I would rather get the Single pear as it's smaller, I'm just worried about tipping with the 2010 KM hose I currently have.

Before I order is there anything else I need?

I'm leaning toward the butterfly and double pear. What is your favorite?

Here's the stems.

Kahlil Mamoon Single Pear

Khalil Mamoon Double Pear

Khalil Mamoon Butterfly

Kahlil Mamoon Kafe
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