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Default The not so good side to narghile smoking, part 2

Yesterday, I was sitting around after dinner about a block from my house in this picnic area having a smoke with my friend Yamha who brought her small (around 60cm) Egyptian that I have which is a pretty average rig in my view. We are enjoying ourselves chatting when a couple of fat, balding guys come up a start asking us what sort of dope we’re smoking. Yamha says we are smoking Ashafani tombac (she had a little left over from her last trip home) and the fat guys say something like “yeah right, whatever”.

What happened next pissed me off big time when one of the fat guys looks at Yamha and says “you look foreign, are you sorta muslim?” Yamha responds with “your pretty sharp, I guess nothing gets by you” At this point I’m annoyed and pipe up “actually, she looks Arab because one she is one and a Christian one at that”. The second fat guy says something about how all Arabs are Muslims and he doesn’t like what ever we are smoking. The first fat guys starts blabbing about how “he’s gonna call the FBI” and we are going to get deported. I laugh and tell them to go ahead.

By this time a few other people are hanging around watching the fracas when one of the fat guys walks over and knocks over the narghile. I start yelling at the guy that did it while Yamha says we need to leave and is tugging on my arm. So we start to walk away while both the fat guys are screaming stuff about how horrible Arabs are.

Sometimes I wonder why my neighborhood is as quite and as peaceful as it is given such cretins live so close by.
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