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Default Re: how do you smoke an alien?

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
what kinda Victory did that cap come off of?
storm king duh!
also 2 afires were fine and here are some pictures after an hour of kcherry

heres the tobacco use its about 5 beer (dogfishhead midus touch) tops worth of tobacco that could be smoked alot longer than 1 hour

and heres my complaint besides it being lopsided. i have 6 bubbles the first one is right below the center hole that actually cracked the glaze

and 3 that cracked the glaze and 2 that havent yet

the 2 that cracked right below the lip, one below that that is the biggest that hasnt, one below and to the right that hasnt and a smaller one thats on the far left that hasnt yet either. i expected this to be jesus in bowl form and i was close. its more of the tesla of hookah bowls.
edit: also minor complain its the same size as my soup can homemade windcover so its hard to cover but that isnt a real complaint
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