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Mya's auto-seal hose ports are awesome. if your hookah doesn't support them, and you're ballsy, and decent with a drill, you can make your own.

***i wouldn't recommend trying this if your hose ports aren't removable***

just find a small bit (and tap), an non-reactive screw of same diameter and thread as tap, and a ball bearing. drop the ball bearing down the hose port and see where it sits at "sealed position." go about 3/8" above that (far enough that the ball bearing will lift up when you pull but not so far that the screw will still block you pulling the ball bearing out into the hose). drill and tap the hole (drill press would be optimal here, but if you don't happen to have one lying around the garage or have access to one, a clamp, a level, and a steady hand will suffice), drop the ball bearing in and install the screw. basically just emulate what Mya has already done.

having smoked from both, i greatly prefer single-hose hookahs. whether you have auto-sealing ports or not, if 2 people pull at the same time with different strengths, the person who pulls harder gets a weak draw and the person who pulls weaker feels like their lungs are being sucked out orally. blagh. then if you don't have auto-sealing ports and someone inevitably forgets to cover their hose's tip, you're basically just clearing the chamber and pulling air through the uncovered hose. i know people love the look and social feel of 2-4-10 hose hookahs, but i just prefer passing a single hose around.
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