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Default 2 questions for a new guy.

Been smoking hookah for a year, had my own for 4 months. Tryin to upgrade the bowl and get out of the whole aluminum foil mess. I just have a standard setup and standard bowl. I smoke hypnosis and starbuzz.

For Q1, any leads as to the best bowl to get that won't break me financially? I heard funnel bowls worked amazing, especially when there is a scalli mod in place, so i dont go wasting 40-50 grams of tobacco, especially when i mostly smoke by myself or with one other person.

Q2, after my research, I decided on a glass screen to get out of the aluminum foil deal. I hate having to poke holes in the damn thing all the time and still get ash dropping into the tobacco. I found the only place that sells them. MNHookahs. I ordered a 'small chinese funnel bowl' that was basically their representation of the Tangiers phunnel, a scalli mod to go with, and a glass screen. This glass screen idea sounded absolutely amazing because the coals dont really heat up the tobacco; the glass does, as it only has one hole- in the center.

Anyways, before I ordered I did some research and found that MNHookah was an amazing and reliable vendor and was geeked. Ordered. Waited a week. Looked online again, looked at the dates of those reviews, looked at NEW reviews [most recent i've seen is late 2009], and they seem to be extremely unreliable. I got charged 35 bucks for my purchase and I've sent them loads of e-mails. No response, no package, no confirmation that anything has been sihpped. My order status is still 'processing'..... load of balls.

ANYWAYS, to combat this I am looking for another place to get a glass screen, or a screen with a similar idea, or a screen that works just as well.

Thanks guys!
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