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Default Re: 2 questions for a new guy.

Originally Posted by Boggler0 View Post
I have heard amazing things about the vortex too. Will that smoke with like 10-15g of tobacco? I know that some of the larger funnel bowls had issues when small amounts of tobacco was to be smoked, and i know the two bowls are similar, with the vortex having holes on the 'side' of the inside... thing? Where the funnel bowl has a big hole on top.

Also, as far as screens go, I'm aware of the metal screen idea, but i just loved the glass idea. If you hadn't looked into it, it is just a glass plate with a hole in the center, raised so it slopes down and out towards the edges. Coals are placed around the hole, but not on top of. No air is pulled through the coal, and the coal has no holes below it, which makes it so there is never a bit of coal pulled into the bowl.

Also, I am using 3 kings coals. I've looked all over the place at coal reviews but none of them really say the same thing so i'm not entirely sure where they stand.
i never underpack stuff, the vortex probably realistically uses 10 grams of nakhla per smoke give or take.

i have seen the glass screens but IMHO its a waste and not a good material for it, glass has a very poor conductivity you can have something 1800*f and 1 inch away have it only 1000*, hell with pyrex and other high temp glasses you can have 3 inches between room temp and 2000*f. what does it mean for hookah, well the heat from the coals will take a lot longer of a time to penetrate the glass and may not dissipate over the glass screen. if you want to see how poorly glass conducts heat watch some one blow glass and you will see that the back of the piece, even a small cup, will not move while the front of it will be floppy and moving and the back will not gain the heat before the front can cool off and stiffen up just in the air.

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