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Default Re: 2 questions for a new guy.

Haha, you did a little, I thought I pissed you off. I just explained what I had read in a few descriptions is all. I saw them getting amazing reviews somewhere, i think maybe? Oh well.

As far as holes go, I got it down. I was quick before, but now I made a poker. I got some thin 'linoleum nails' and [ with much pain, time, frustration, and effort], got them through two layers of cardboard in a [kind of] circle. They dont have a great pattern, but they are medium sized holes, and there is a decent number nicely spread out. Just place the disk on top, smack it down with my hand, same pattern every time, and it takes about 3 seconds to do. Haha.

Thanks guys!
Just signed up to ask these questions, but now that I'm here, might as well stick around.
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