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Default Re: hookah mythbusters ?

Originally Posted by Memories View Post
I could see that happening.. the other issue is you need to clean your hookah right after smoking.. because i would not want to leave warm milk sitting in my hookah for any amount of time.
But anyway i think the idea of taking time to test out many factors such as bowl difference, foil/screen, foil hole patterns, warm water/ice water and the significant amount of other differences that need to be debunked.. would be AWESOME. I should have done this for the science fair back when i was in school.. they might not have approved though... lol. But seriously, i think the best thing to do would be to get 2 of the same hookahs (or more for even more accuracy and do side by side testing. Perhaps my friends and i should approach the Federal Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and ask for a grant to do some research into the subject. Or propose the idea to a local college to study, but that would also mean i don't get to participate in the study.. unless i volunteer, which of course i would.
yes right after you are done,turn in the hot water and clean the hookah,the milk would dry and making it all nasty
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