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Default Re: 2 questions for a new guy.

I have a glass MNH phunnel w/ scali mod, Vortex, and Crown Jewel as well as both metal and glass screens.

My Experiences are:

Glass Phunnel w/ scali: Looks great but was expensive. I have had troubles getting it to smoke right with AF and SB. All in all, I probably would not get it again.

Vortex: Functional and fairly cheap. Smoked great for me right from the get go and really impressed my friends over the Mod/Egyptian. This is my "go to" bowl for sure!

Crown Jewel: Crown Hookahs' mashup of the vortex and and phunnel. Looks awesome and smokes great. It was expensive comparitively and it a little difficult to clean under the rim of the spire. (If you ever look at a picture you will see what I mean.) This is the bowl I reach for when I want to have a long session and I am not being lazy.

Metal Screen: I smoked with this accessory for *MONTHS* because it was easy setup. No PITA poking holes or finding tinfoil. But just the other day I ended up packing some shisha I had already smoked once into a bowl and used tinfoil because my screen was in use on another hookah. Let me put it this way... I threw out the screen after that session. I am not saying they arn't good but in comparison Tinfoil works much better!

Glass Screen: Got one of these with my MNH phunnel. The biggest problem I have is the fact that the screen does not "sit" well on the bowl. It slips around and has a generally "unsafe" feeling to it. But, it does work. It seems to distribute the heat well and keeps the ash out of the bowl. But mine is definatley not designed to be used with a bowl that pulls down the middle like the Phunnel (w/out scali) or Crown Jewel or even vortex.

Hope this helps with the questions. And good luck with MNH, I was one of the people who bought from them after the new year. It took a while but made good in the end.

Oh... and word on the street says Crown Hookahs will be producing glass screens and wind covers one of these days. I think they are just waiting on a particular kind of glass to come into stock before they get pushed out.
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