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Default First Hookah Casualty of the Army's *Combat* Postal Service

Well it has finally happened. A perfectly good hookah base/vase has given it's life in the service of its country.

So, I won an e-bay auction for a shiney new KM stem. (Not sure the model name) So I was in the market for a new vase and happened across one for sale in another forum. Nice clear glass and chrome vase, would look great with my stem at a reasonable price. So I decide to buy it and the process goes nice and smooth. I have absoloutly no reservations about having this sent since I have now had *6* hookahs with vases shipped to me with no issues.

Fast forward about 8 days to today. I get an e-mail that I have packages. YAY FOR ME! So I go down to the mail room with a big smile on my face. First package was a care package from home with Peeps, Easter Card, Kona Coffee, and some Marzipan. (Only one candy I love more than Marzipan... Gummi fruit salad) Then the second package.... I see it before they even put it in my hands. It looks like someone put it on the ground and stepped on one of the corners, almost like they were using it as a step stool.

I pick up the package and give it a gentle shake. ::jingle jingle jingle:: Sounds like a cross between a maracca and a tamorine. So, hope against hope, I opened the package that is stamped about 100 times "Fragile". Sure enough... under the styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap is a plastic wrapped pile of glass shards.

Now the vase was packed properly so I would normally chalk this up to bad luck but with a crushed box, I just don't think so! So I refused to sign, which caused a bit of a stir, and it is going back to the sender. I am not going to ask for my money back because the shipper did the right thing but hopefully he can file a claim or something.

Well any which way I am now off to find another cool vase and wait 7-14 days to get it! Grrrrrr....
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