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Default Re: are the aliens over prices??

Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post
I am not contesting if you should spend $20 on a bowl. That is back to the "Should I buy a Ferrari or Corvette" idea.

I am simply saying that small batch production costs a lot of money. And even thousands of units can be considered "small batch."

For example I recently priced out T-Shirts for my unit with a logo on the back. They were $15-$25 each depending on the vendor and quantity ordered. In that case why don't I go to Old Navy and buy a 5 dollar t-shirt? Because I am not producing Thousands/millions of t-shirts and I want them made to my specifications. The design cost is spread over a lower number of items. The "factory" has to retool frequently since they are producing many designs. They also have to carry more raw materials since they are making a multitude of different designs at any given time. Not to mention all my labor is here in the US where there is minimum wage and higher cost of materials and production. All of these costs are passed down to the consumer.

A very similar concept is when we talk about a single bowl of shisha costing $25 at a hookah bar. It was expressed very eloquently in a different thread but we have to look beyond the cost of the actual shisha vs. the whole operation.

I agree we are talking apples and oranges but I think its more of the "Alien" Apple vs the "Egyptian" Orange.
I see where you are coming from. My argument is this, it's a freaking bowl, lol. Nothing special to it, just a small bowl. If they are charging you that much where you have to charge $20 for a bowl, don't you think you would try and find someone else? I know I would.
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