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Default Re: Forum Problem

Wow... this is the first time I have seen this virus strike in a non Linux Fanboi site.

The biggest problem is that most of these websites are running Java these days. Which means a good portion of the goings on are happening client side. (Which means in each user's web browser) If that is the case, and I think it is, it means big trouble for end users.

If an end user is browsing the website with an older web browser or an out-of-date version of Java then, its probable, that the virus will use a vulnerability in either the browser or Java to install a root kit in the users computer. Once this happens, the root kit transforms the computer into a zombie that will join up with a bot net.

Bot net activity can actually get you banned by your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, Roadrunner, etc.) even if its not your fault! The worst part is that root kits are specifically designed to be undetectable. (Remember the Sony/BMG root kit from a few years ago?) If you become infected and you don't have a product like TripWire, the only solution is to do a full restore from a backup or re-format and re-install fresh. (TripWire is an application that will index all your system files and do an MD5 **** of them so it can tell when something changes).

So the real big question is: When did you last update your computer/Java/web browser?
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