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Default Re: 2 questions for a new guy.

Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post

Glass Screen: Got one of these with my MNH phunnel. The biggest problem I have is the fact that the screen does not "sit" well on the bowl. It slips around and has a generally "unsafe" feeling to it. But, it does work. It seems to distribute the heat well and keeps the ash out of the bowl. But mine is definatley not designed to be used with a bowl that pulls down the middle like the Phunnel (w/out scali) or Crown Jewel or even vortex.

Hope this helps with the questions. And good luck with MNH, I was one of the people who bought from them after the new year. It took a while but made good in the end.


Well, if i do decide to wait for the MNH stuff to come through [which i probably wont, i already filed a dispute with my CCcomp last night, gonna just try to force cancel that charge] then i had planned on making a 'lip' on the glass screen with some epoxy putty [like that clay-looking stuff the late great billy mays advertised.] To prevent slippage. And I would be using it with a scalli mod anyways.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, it's nice to know any question can be answered by someone with experience here.
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