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Default Re: are the aliens over prices??

Originally Posted by Ignited View Post
Because it holds no representation of what he was trying to portray. A Ferrari F40 is in no way comparable to a z06. Quality of build, parts, amount of engineering behind one car and the other are astronomical. If what we are talking about is an item based on parts used and labor to make it; the price assigned to it that analogy holds no ground.
With hookah bowls, clearly small tangier funnel bowls are of the same if not better quality than the alien bowls and they are sold for less. The materials used are very very close, the workmanship is very similar and the skill needed to make them is identical; however, the price difference remains 5+ dollars. The topic of this thread is if the item is overpriced or not, the answer is clearly yes.
I would say a better analogy would be something like a HDMI cable, one made by Monster Cable Company and a Premium one made by Monoprice. The materials are almost identical, the manufacturing process is similar, and they both yield the same end result. Yet one company charges way more because...well because they know they can get away with it.
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