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Default Re: 2 questions for a new guy.

Originally Posted by Boggler0 View Post
Well, if i do decide to wait for the MNH stuff to come through [which i probably wont, i already filed a dispute with my CCcomp last night, gonna just try to force cancel that charge] then i had planned on making a 'lip' on the glass screen with some epoxy putty [like that clay-looking stuff the late great billy mays advertised.] To prevent slippage. And I would be using it with a scalli mod anyways.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, it's nice to know any question can be answered by someone with experience here.
dont be so quick to assume that putty is safe when heated, unless the msds says it is you should assume it is bad. many chemicals will off gas at low teps and can really hurt you. also i doubt the putty would hold well very long unless you give the glass a tooth
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