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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

maybe i missed it in the first post but can we even refer to john or his products still?

i am in no way arguing with the admins' choices just want to throw my thoughts out there i had while reading this.

i am really surprised to hear about any bashing going on, especially in mass mails since i am on the mailing list (i see one little line in the last one but its not really bashing).

i am also surprised it has come across that john was or seemed to bash other products to promote his own, of course i expect him to be slightly biased to his products but i never personally saw anything that was out right bashing, in fact when he was out of products and i was trying to substitute other stuff i asked him what he thought about certain flavors and he said "honestly, i would love to sell this to you but i dont think it smells that good so i dont want to suggest you get it".

i dont know john personally, i have bought from him for the last 18 months almost exclusively and talked to him a bit on the forums and a couple of times on the phone when ordering but i never had issues with him personally

however i understand and agree sams house, sams rules, and if sam feels like the rules have been broken then its his call.

i find it ironic this was posted on april 1 though

edit, sam answered the question of mention, but i am also interested in how products can be referred to