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Default Thoughts on Social Smoke Tobacco

I final got around to try some SS tobacco that a few folks had sent me and
wouldn't say it's bad, in fact it's a decent mod style product. It's better then some in that the flavours are strong and it's not swiming in glycerin. However, I will say say that it seems to be another over hyped, over priced product line but not very interesting mod style moassel. Obviously my views need to be taken with a pinch of salt given that hipster products aren't my thing. I will say that the SS stuff I've tried has a rather artificial and overly sweet taste that does not appeal to me. While it is better then SB/Fantasia insofar as it's less candylike the 5 flavours i've tried are not particularly realistic and it seems to be targeting the mod style neo-moassel market. I have been told that it's unwashed and while that may be true SS products have not a trace of tobacco like flavour or mouth feel which makes me suspect that the tobacco is boiled, steamed or extensively processed in some similar fashion with a very mild leaf with the express intention of removing any tobacco quality. If it is not washed it certainly has a washed like taste and it seems that was the intention. I recall that some claim that SB is likewise not washed but both brands are highly processed tasting and far too candy for my tastes although SB is far more noxious in that respect.

Obviously I haven't tried everything they make and having only smoke 100g of 5 flavours I don't have a terrific feel for the brand and I assume that SS is like almost all brands in that it likely has something that would appeal to me. Personally Salloum is a far more natural tasting processed brand for literally a third of the cost of SS so I can't see myself making a lot of effort to sample the brand. Likewise, AF, AW, Afzal, HH & HF all have a couple of good flavours but in the end smoking stuff that lacks any semblance of tobacco tastes or feel is something that I just don't find appealing enough to smoke more then occasionally.

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