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Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
We are doing what we can.

Jride, Sambooka is allowed to have opinions and express them in the way he wants to. Saying something is the best is just opinion and word choice. At some time or another most people will say something is the best when others disagree. It's just language.

I can assure you that Sambooka doesn't get his coals comped. If anyone was silly enough to send us free products for the purpose of promotion they would be pretty dissapointed. We turn down a lot of stuff because people want us to give them unfair treatment for it.

It's his favorite coals and one he feels is a product worth promoting. I know plenty of people that plug their favorite hookahs, hoses and coal every time they review but that does not mean they are getting paid by the makers.
Let me tell you what. I love JMs Pink Lemonade but I will never advertise them in a video review similar to how Sambooka does with Coconara unless they were giving me free shisha or paying me. Why? Because I want my video reviews to look as unbiased as possible.

If Sambooka can have opinions and express things in the way he wants to, why cant John do the same?