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Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
It has nothing to do with competition Jride, We have no grude against John for trying to improve his life or his business. What the issue is was the lack of respect in following our rules. He chose to do things his way and it conflicted with our vendor guidelines. Simple as that. People need to look at this from a different viewpoint than seeing John as their friend. Anybody would be upset if something happened to their friend its human nature. You know that their are rules at Hookah Pro, everyone is expected to abide by them to keep this a great community. John has been pardoned many many times. We did everything we could to work with him Jride. But he chose a different path and we had to part ways. No ill will or anger is directed at John at all. We meant it when we said we wish him the best.
Fair enough.. I just dont like how the main thread post initiated peoples reactions. Immediately people started saying.. "Oh man, I wont support this ********** anymore" and people are talking about taking their video reviews down and such. You guys gotta realize, people on this forum respect the mods way too much and will stick by them thru anything and take sides of HP (kinda good thing I guess but can be bad also).

Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
we're not mad at John for starting a forum. In fact, we're glad he now has a new place push his wares. What we find ironic, is how he(and you as his mouthpiece) claim that our forum is in the pocket of vendors when he, AS A VENDOR had started a forum.
He states hes openly bias. You should know that all vendors and salesmen will push products on you. Your the one that has the final say to buy it or not. I take what anyone says with a grain of salt.