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Originally Posted by wildmancherry1 View Post
I totally understand where Sambooka is coming from on most of this, but it is kind of crazy for John to not be able to give his opinion just like everyone else would. Even though he is a Vendor he was not always a vendor, at one point he was just a normal joe who smoked hookah. Like all of us.
John asking Sam not to say what he said is kind of shady, but hey..we all know they stink while being lit its the truth.
Thats is true wildman, but the point is, He was a vendor here. We have rules for Vendors to follow in order to make this a fair playing field for all of the vendors. The rule were not followed. You guys can all plainly see we arent hard asses when it comes to Moderating HP. Even John could admit that he was given plenty of breaks and pardons (will he? maybe, maybe not). So for people to think this was something personal they are sadly mistaken. Not one member of the HP staff has said not to buy from John or anything to that affect. In fact if you read the announcement we specifically mention that so there is no confusion. Members will voice their opinions on whether they want to buy or not, that is their choice.
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