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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Exactly.. I felt John was way more than a vendor on this community.. Who else would go threw so much and give so much knowledge and info to people discussing random things about hookah.

for example, if I post a thread asking opinions on Nakhla Cherry, I want everyones opinions including wildmancherry, sambooka and even John. I honestly dont see what the big problem is. But hey, since hes a vendor, gotta follow the rules right?
I think your missing the point. By constantly beaking the rules and taking every oportunity to push his wares, he wasn't playing fair w/regards to the other vendors who sponsor just as he did.His actions were potentialy limiting the options of our members to have access to other vendors and products because he was potentially scaring them off w/his constant self promotion and eventual outright trashing of his competition. It is exactly BECAUSE we strive to remain unbiased regarding vendors that he was becoming a problem.