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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by lilbrummy87 View Post
I respect the decision of Samb and the mods. I think yall are all great people, but I am seeing a few questions in this thread that are getting unanswered that if they were answered will help people know what to do about a few things.
I am about to start making video reviews, and I want to know if I might get in trouble if I say I am using such and such hookah with a narb hose and a mod bowl? Basic things people say in reviews. Or do I have to leave out what hose I am using? Or say I am using a alien bowl. People like know know the smoke time out of a bowl for different shishas. If I can't say what bowl I am using they might get completely different results and be a little confused about it.
We have not come to a final conclusion on the mentioning of products yet. We understand that you guys are kind of in limbo with us right now and for that we're sorry. We will have the answer for you guys hopefully tomorrow or the next day.

If you mention the products right now, just try to omit where you got them. Until we come to a final decision you will not be banned for mentioning the narbish, ch coals, or the alien bowl. The review on these products are locked at this time though along with his vendor review thread.

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