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Default cig/hookah

i came across this image moments ago. it appears that she stuck a cigarette in the stem of the hookah. does anyone know the word for this combination of cigarettes and hookah? does this still happen or is it a thing of the past? this is the first time ive seen something like this so im really curious. i have a feeling that back when this picture was taken, cigarette smoking was harsh for ladies and not elegant so they would use a hookah to cool the smoke down and look more elegant compared to the normal way of smoking a cigarette.

PS - that hose shes using looks like it has a really bad pull, obviously she should upgrade to a razan..

PPS - imagine if the shisha we smoke could be rolled into a cigarette form and smoked this way. no need for coals, bowls, foils, or heat management, just stuff the shisha cig down the stem, light it, and puff away.

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