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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
And you know this how? You take his word for it? Cmon now. I dont see any reason why someone would randomly start putting a Coco-Nara commercial in their video reviews if they are not getting comped coals or paid $$.. easy as that.

also. I imagine with HJ's products such as CH Coals and the Narbish hose, that we will be able to mention them and review them but just not say what site we ordered it from. Similar to how people mention the caravan hose (and we all know who makes that).
Sambooka stands by these coals. He uses them more than he does Exoticas. Reason he tells everyone about them is the fact the he uses them and likes them. I recommend them over the rest as well. Am I getting paid by Coco?
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