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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Im sorry but you guys being moderators for this forum working for Sambooka just leads to me to not take your word seriously for this issue.

I understand recommending them in videos (which he already does). But he went through the trouble of making a commercial and plugging the coco-nara website on here in posts whenever possible. I fucking absolutely LOVE Khalil Mammon hookahs, am I going to put a commercial in my video intro to advertise that just because I think so highly of them? no.

I dont expect you guys to answer my questions because you really cant.

Sambooka, my statements werent directed as hate towards you. You are a great person and I respect you for everything you've done to build this great site. I just want everybody to open their eyes and see that everyone is bias no matter hard you try not to be.
Jride, this is getting ridiculous. You continue to avoid the mods request to stop this and keep this topic at hand. This is not a thread to bash Sambooka. This is not a thread to say that we are all biased when we aren't. This is a thread to discuss what has been going on with HJ.

Please keep this on topic and stop with this nonsense Jride!
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