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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
Im sorry admins and moderators but honestly...

John has his side of the story, Sam has his side of the story. We as members will never know who is right and who is wrong and we should never pick sides and say "No one should ever buy from John again, yada yada"

And HP making a public announcement is stirring up the controversy.

I believe that every member should just keep doing what their doing rather than listening to anyone on either side of the story. If you like **********, then keep buying from him, if you never liked him, then dont. Of course someone is going to be a little bias on their side of the product. EVERYONE is.. yes including Sambooka.

Samb, I noticed a few weeks ago how you started having a Coco-Nara ad in the middle of your HP intro that says "FOR THE BEST COALS, VISIT COCO-NARA.US" is that because they give you free coals? Or do you just like those coals so much you want to advertise it for free? I believe having a coco-nara ad is a little bias. What makes them the best coals Sam, because you said so? And i notice you plug on the website everytime you can.. So cmon now!

This site is supposedly by hookah smokers for hookah smokers.. right? Well why are you doing advertising on your own personal "non-bias" videos? I think its wrong personally. Theres another video reviewer out on a different forum thats been around for awhile, not gonna say his name but he does the same thing with ShishaCo coals and has an ad in his intro. I guarantee the dude is getting free coals and thats bias as hell in my opinion.
cheers...couldn't have said it better !