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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by HookahWaffle View Post
<snip>There have been posts, by members and staff alike, in threads relating to John and his products that have no place other than to serve as a bash against someone trying to discuss a product.

However I feel that this has been, lately, a recurring trend at HP over the last few months, and has contributed to my reluctant desire to continue to be a part of the community (For anyone who noticed that I havent been around lately, or cared for that matter). Being able to speak your mind on a forum without fear of retribution is a wonderful thing, however, many posts on this forum tend to lack substantial content, and just delve straight into product bashing.

I happen to be an avid Tangiers smoker, and as such, commonly catch a lot of shit by a certain group of members who feel that my choice of tobacco is inferior. I've seen multiple threads bringing up Tangiers (as an example) in which people ask questions such as "How to acclimate", and there are MULTIPLE responses that say "By throwing it in the trash". These kinds of posts are spiteful, unhelpful, and ultimately drive members to seek answers outside of HP. Tangiers being just one example, this happens on relatively frequent occasion with multiple products. (Please note that I'm not saying I have never done this, we all have our faults, Im sure if you dig through my post history you'll find a few posts that just tell someone a product is trash, however, rarely with a widely established brand, and I don't go out of my way to deliberately post in a thread I know I have no interest in being a part of.)

I know that the staff are overwhelmed with a large user base to pay attention to as well as managing their own personal lives and of course, only so many hours exist in a day, however blatant unhelpful posting to state your opinion isnt necessary, and it just trashes a thread that COULD have provided a useful response without trying to bait someone into a flame war.<snip>
You bring up an interesting point Waffle that I think deserves some attention. Since we don't want to go too off topic let me leave it at this, I certainly hope you raise your concerns again with both the Mod staff and the community in its own thread because I think its worth discussing.
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