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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by davidbondok View Post
Hookah pro has been a great source and is the best place to learn about hookah and I agree that John has broken rules and should be banned. Now that being said there are a lot of good points here. No disrespect to anyone especially sambooka but in a way I do fear the mod squad (joke) in a way if I go against there views I might be in trouble.
That's not much of a joke lol. There is no reason to fear any reprimand so long as you are respectful and don't intentionally hurt the community and it's members. You are free to have your own opinions. We are not some collective consciousness that has the same opinions. There isn't much we all agree on regarding products actually lol.

Our most important goal is making this a safe and pleasant place for you guys. Sadly some people take great pleasure in mixing things up and trying to dismantle the work of others for no other reason than because it's something to do. Those people are not welcomed here.