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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Jride View Post
And you know this how? You take his word for it? Cmon now. I dont see any reason why someone would randomly start putting a Coco-Nara commercial in their video reviews if they are not getting comped coals or paid $$.. easy as that.
Im not a MOD am i but i considered putting a commerical for shishabuzz in my intro, as i new they were a great company with great products, and i wanted all the euro and UK watchers of my videos to know about them, i wasnt getting comped or payed wotsoever, but i still considered it as i knew it would help them, and was no lose to me, but i was too lazy to incorparate they logo in my intro, cause i would have had to make a new intro again.

If SamB stands by coconaras and wants everyone to know about them so be it, it doesnt mean he them gets for free, he could just be spreading the word.

Before coco coals came about SamB used to "promote" exoticas as they were the coals he really liked using, so everytime he mentions a product doesnt mean he gets it for free and is advertising he is giving his personal opinion