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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by davidbondok View Post
Thanks I do agree. For awhile it just seemed like Hookah John "fanboys against the mods and the Sambooka "fanboys" and really was unbecoming of a community this great.
I can promise that it's not quite over yet... While we have laid everything on the table and want nothing more than for peace to return there are a few members and former members that have been making a haphazard attempt to cause unrest and spam the forums. One of them admits that he was planning on trolling the forums openly but this just gave him a good excuse. People like that make these things harder for both sides and it's sad that in times like these trolls are fed and supported just because they choose a side to attack in the name of.

I want to make it extremely clear that I will personally reprimand anyone that is found trolling any other forum or community in our name or to "support" us. That is counter productive and goes against much of what I stand for. Any person that supports such people and such attacks on either side is just pitiful.

Let it be. Do not cause trouble. There is enough drama and plenty of people that thrive on it. If you add to it you just encourage the people that have nothing more going for them than making others unhappy.