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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by davidbondok View Post
Hookah pro has been a great source and is the best place to learn about hookah and I agree that John has broken rules and should be banned. Now that being said there are a lot of good points here. No disrespect to anyone especially sambooka but in a way I do fear the mod squad (joke) in a way if I go against there views I might be in trouble.
I agree to an extent David. Our members should be comfortable discussing any product they wish w/out being attacked for it. PERIOD! Having said that, if you feel a member or staff member is being unnecesarrily harsh in a response w/the sole purpose of trashing a product, or worse, a members opinion, you have every right to speak up in a mature and respectful manner. There is no punishment for speaking your mind here at HP. As long as it's done in the same manner w/which you would like to be treated in return. Our staff is not an annointed body who answers to noone. We answer to one another, we answer to Sambooka, and yes we answer to you, our members. We have a resposibility to ALL of you to keep the peace and keep this jugernaut bumpin' along smoothly and our members have a right to opine when they feel disrespected or otherwise slighted by anyone, staff included.