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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by whordehey View Post
Not being able to mention one of the top coals in the industry is comical at best. I didn't think i would see this kind of bullshit in the hookah community.
i do agree. also i think it makes it awkward to not even be able to mention banned vendors names, i have no issue with not letting them post or what not but especially when it is a popular vendor it gets weird. i know that john was banned at another place before he changed his company name only because it had "*******" in the name which totally stupid and made it very hard to even refer to his stuff.

not trying to stir anything just trying to express my opinion on this. it is weird cause with all the other things i have been on forums for (paintball, jeeps, etc) i never really saw any vendors banned and if they were the restrictions were not as harsh as i have seen across multiple hookah forums. not my house and not my rules though just pointing out that it is interesting it happens like this in the hookah community