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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

I understand not being allowed to mention a sale or even a new product. But if someone complains of bad customer service or a troublesome transaction with a random vendor, and they want a recommendation for someone who I have never ever had a problematic order with.... I will say John.

Not allowing him to post, or the mention of his sales is justifiable due to the rules which are in place, and the warnings that were given.

BUT ignoring him as if he didn't exist is a GREAT DISSERVICE to the hookah community, especially new hookah enthusiasts. It would be like if Eric from tangiers was banned. Not talking about using phunnel bowls, or tangiers tobacco would be outright ridiculous. It would be a disservice to the community and to those wanting to get the best experience possible out of the hobby.

*I understand HJ is a vendor, so it is not apples to apples, but you get the picture.

Just my opinion... much love to all of HP, and RIP to HJ account. I hope hj thrives and continues to grow, just as I hope this community does as well.