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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

This doesnt make sense to me, the reason being this is a hookah forum for the hookah community, not a business right ? The way this is being conducted is as if Hookah Pro is a competing business with HJ. HJ is in it as a business this is clear as anything but if HP is just a hookah forum for the hookah community then I think there needs to be a bit of chilling regarding some rules and regulations about mentioning any HJ products or deals etc. At the end of the day isnt that what this forum is about discussing hookah related products the best deals and customer service etc.

Im not saying this for HJ (the reasons for the banning of his personnel membership etc are between him and you guys) it applies to all vendors, because at the end of the day cencoring like this 1. effects their business plays with their livelihood and 2. gives a biased opinion for US the members and especially future members. If a vendor truly has the best product, service or price and it is in the best interest of current and future HP member's then I think it should be discussed and promoted whether or not that vendor is banned. Because the best interest of the community/membership should be what comes first. Just doesnt seem like the right thing to do for a forum, like I said earlier its a FORUM not a competing business. My 2 cents.