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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Ok I have read 7 pages of replys and I just need to get this out there. The rules have been in place for 3 years(The Life of this forum) Banned vendors will not be mentioned is part of those rules. I respect everyones opinion on what they think the rules should be, but these are our rules and they are posted for all to see. Enough about that.

Second thing. Everybodys membership and ability to post at hookahpro is a privilege and not a right. I keep reading that we are supressing everyones right to speak etc This is a forum that Sambooka created and pays for, he has granted all of us the privilege to come here and hang out and post. Disagree if you wish, but be respectful and abide by the rules of the house.

John was banned for multiple rule infractions. Period! The smear campaign about HP member videos and who paid for what and who didnt pay is all a tactic to redirect the energy to something or someone else. If you can abide by our rules, then by all means stay awhile. If your intention is to cause drama, then by all means take it outside this forum and leave it outside. The mods have been pressed for information for weeks about this, Sambooka provided it, its not up for discussion, end of story.
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