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Default Re: in the market for a new bowl

Originally Posted by smokey void View Post
thanks guys, i know i'll probablly end up getting all of em over time, but for the most part i usually smoke w/a group of at least 3-4 people, and with the standard bowls i have, sessions usually last around 1 1/2-2 hrs, so just a matter of which one i should get first
If you're going to be smoking with 3-4 people almost every session for 1.5-2 hours I would not get the Crown Classic. I have a Crown Classic and love every aspect of how it smokes but it is a very small bowl(perfect for 1 hour sessions solo or group). My experience is limited with the type of tobaccos I smoke because I mainly smoke black style tobaccos(DM and homemade moassels). If you are big into smoking wetter tobaccos like Starbuzz you might be able to get more longevity out of the tobacco, but from what I have found the Crown Classic is a 1 hour bowl. If you plan on smoking alone or changing flavors more often then I would still consider purchasing a Crown Classic as it is easily my favorite "modern" bowl variation(of Vortex, Phunnel etc.)

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