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Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
I think Bassem's post up above can lay to rest just about most of the accusations aimed towards Sam and a good chunk of HP. He has straight up said it as it is in about as much detail as allowed for a vendor here. Now can we just please lay those accusations, the "unfairness" of John's ban and the repercussions, and for now the product question to rest? This is getting to be very ridiculous and it doesn't help we have had "fanboys" as I will call them going apeshit over the entire situation. John screwed up, he is gone, he has created a new forum, go there and be friends with him there and drop all of this dramatic crap already!

/rant I've had to get that out. Seven pages of nonsensical bitching moaning and arguing had gotten me here.

and nice right up bassem
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