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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Restrictions? what restrictions? The restrictions we have in place about not mentioning banned members has been here since day 1, we also have a restriction on mentioning illegal substances. Is this too many restrictions? Is this truly suppressing your ability to contribute to this forum? If it is then I sincerely hope you can re-evaluate what it is you wish to gain from being a member here.
i was more referring to that a vendor is not allowed to give an honest opinion in the forum like others and the then if we are to suggest who to buy from and we cannot give our honest opinion then we cannot help others to the best of our abilities. it just seems that the majority of the "issues" with john until the end were more on the administrative kind of rules.

i understand why we might not want vendors giving some opinions but it is just hard to get why when a vendor says something its bad but if a normal member says it then its just discussion, i get it can be taken that a vendors statements are only to promote his company but they can also be totally truthful and honest