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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
Huskysibe i think one of the issues that people are probably having is that we are told over and over here that HP is for open/honest discussion with other people yet then there are restrictions on said discussion, and that opinions are welcome but not all opinions.

i understand why vendors opinions are looked down on but i also think it can be a good thing.

i dont argue with banning john as a vendor for what has supposedly transpired (i didnt see any of it personally so i am going by what is listed here) but it always seemed to me when john gave "opinions" they were pretty straight forward and when he didnt like stuff he would say it. i also dont see the issue with john promoting his products, i personally never saw anything that was more than him saying "give this a try" or sending a free sample for people to compare, but if that was looked at is bad but other members promoting just as hard for products they do not have stock in is ok, it seems kinda weird.

again like i have said every post its not my house so just saying what i am thinking with no intent to stir up anything, just discuss

This isn't what happened though. We could care less if he sent you out a sample with your order or said hey, who wants a free sample of such and such? But that's not what he did. He would post a thread in general section (multiples actually) , saying oh I decided to take something out of my inventory for personal use. I'm smoking so and so right now and it's sooooo delicious! You should check it out!

This is an advertising ploy. He is using his post to get you to want to try that product, get curious about it, and of course, who will you go to to buy that product? Most likely Him, since he is smoking a product that he sells.

We have an issue with this. This is similar to reviewing your own products and is a No-No. If they didn't have the product in stock then maybe there would be more validity to his posts other than to stir up sales.

As for restrictions - We really don't' restrict you guys much. We don't censor you. You can have your opinions even if they are not in line w/ ours. I mean just look at this post for an example. We haven't censored you, just because you don't agree with us. The only things we do not allow are porn, NHT talk, racial slurs, or banned vendors . You guys can post your opinions wither they are agreed on or not.

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
honestly if i saw a normal member saying that i wouldnt freak out and call it total bashing, the only "bashing" i see there is him calling them out on if they are 100% american made.

Well this is in poor taste for a vendor to do. I would be irritated if a member posted but he has the right to speak his mind, but a vendor... The way he went about this, the things he said and the accusations.. this is bad business and unacceptable. Had he gone about it in a more level headed and sophisticated manner, and asked "hey is this 100% american made without the rest of his ranting, I don't think anyone would have had a problem with that. Instead he accused, assumed and made a mess of things. That's bad for Social Smoke, That's Bad for him, and bad for us as a forum.

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