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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
honestly if i saw a normal member saying that i wouldnt freak out and call it total bashing, the only "bashing" i see there is him calling them out on if they are 100% american made.

but hes not a normal member, he's a vendor with an agenda. It wasnt just the made in US thing, he said there product wasn't original and implied that they just ripped off Starbuzz

WTF is this comment about?
"i have heard some lies in this industry for the sake of marketing that make me chuckle, almost puke up a bit in my mouth"

And this
"If you want to compete you need to bring something better to the table, not just a copy and take off a couple of bucks."

And this
"But respect has to be given to innovators not replicators."

Then he says there product isn't value for money
"Now, enter SS shisha, how convenient. Same look, same feel, but for $1 less"

This is another backhanded comment
"Social Smoke, good luck to you, you will need it"

John was completely out of line, can you not read?

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