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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i can read perfectly fine, i havent seen the SS stuff in question but the vast majority of the "new" stuff is all the same starbuzz like stuff, i will agree that its not the way he should have gone about it but i think if it was a normal member there would be a few people getting a little pissy and thats it. the way it was stated before the quote was posted made it seem like he went a lot farther.

You absolutely do not get it still -_- John is NOT an ordinary person. He could not go and pull stunts like that because he is a businessman. You cannot compare what John said to what many others have and are saying. The quote you see in Luv2smoke's post is exactly what he posted and you are not missing any details whatsoever. He took it too far and that is why he is no longer a member of the site. Us members CAN get away with saying something like that because we are not owners of a business.

Our opinions do not affect the sales of a certain product or a business unless they are legitimately BAD. If someone thinks low of a certain member and his opinions, that is fine. Move along and ignore that person's post regarding that product.

John CANNOT get away with it because he needs to be open to every product regardless of he likes it or not. He can decide not to carry a product and that is fine, but to blatantly talk so lowly about something and even going as far as saying he does not like the owner of starbuzz is a completely different story. He lost a lot of legitimacy in his business and in turn is hurting his own sales because of it.

Understand the difference and live with it because an ordinary smoker and a vendor are VERY different. Period.
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