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Default Re: What is up with al fakher?

Originally Posted by hookah vad View Post
I should have asked the store owner when i bought af grape today "Smell this and tell me if you smell any grape at all?"

He would make some bs excuse like he did before about the coals i bought from him. "all my customers dont complaint about Al Fakher"

Fak[e?] al fakher!
I wouldn't go as far to say that its necessarily fake Al Fakher, but there are severe consistency issues between AF. I personally haven't smoked much AF at all simply because I shouldn't have to gamble on the quality of a product and hope for the best. I greatly appreciate consistency and AF's quality isn't consistent enough. Hell, the consumer shouldn't have to question whether a product is genuine due to the manufacturing faults of the company.
If it is indeed fake AF you'll probably notice a lot more than the smell/flavor being off(like packaging, cut, moisture). Maybe its time to switch brands or switch vendors(if he is selling fake AF).

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