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Originally Posted by antouwan View Post
forums are politicized, just like anything else. if any of you know soccer history you can see this with the example of Florentino Perez's first presidency at Real Madrid and how his tactics did not agree with a great coach at the time, Vicente Del Bosque. Bosque was ousted, as well as a few players which sided with him. to me, this is no different. For whatever reasons the administration here did not get along with john, since Sam and the other admins are analogous to Perez they have the final say, therefore this community will lose a very significant figure which has been for the better benefit for the forum and its members (analogous here to the club - real madrid - and its supporters).

i think that if you read ANY post from a vendor it should be taken with a pretty sizable grain of salt. that should be presupposed. If you don't have the sense to think that vendors, or anyone else, will post here without the intent of pushing their own preferences as the best available practices (that is why they do the things they do, after all) then you need to evaluate why exactly you take everything 'from the horse's mouth.' because john posts one thing does not mean you have to, or even should, believe him - just like any other member - give what he says a shot (or not) and if it works for you then keep doing it, if it doesn't try something else and take another member's advice. the same thing applies to the admins here, sam as well, just because you (collectively) post something doesn't mean that i have to, or should, believe it.

if i am banned for believing that i should not take things for complete face value (from the horse's mouth) from EITHER side then that is a testament to the overpoliticization of this whole process.

I have been buying from John exclusively for the past few months - very sizable orders, mind you - and in every situation john has treated me extremely fairly and even gone out of his way to procure things for me that i request that he does not regularly stock. his incomparable customer service is by far the best from any vendor, his reviews are a testament to this.

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