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Default Received my KM -not happy

Hi everyone

I just wanted some advice on my KM "Jewel" that I recently purchased from sitting in a postal depot for 2 days due to the Easter holiday I got up really early to pick up the package. Here is what I got..

Looks ok so far right? However, a bit of a problem - the seal will not allow the stem to fit into the vase.

Also - the ball bearing in the chamber is completely rusted. (No biggie I know..bit still)

Also, when I purchased this hookah it was described as a brass stem. However, there's no weight to it like I expected - I can see a brownish inner stem but not sure if this is brass?

What is everyone's opinions on this? I know that sometimes these pipes can be scuffed, etc. but for the price I paid I'm pretty shocked that this is meant to be a great hookah.

Thanks in advance
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