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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

I say again, this thread is to inform the public as to a ban. John broke the rules here, John was banned, the ban is not up for discussion. If you guys think you can do a better job of running a forum as succesfull and as large as this one, then by all means dip into your pockets and give it a shot. We have rules, we all are expected to abide by those rules, Period. If you have suggestions for rule revisions or new rules, please use the appropriate thread, Comments and Suggestions

This is turning into a high school drama class. If you wanna stay here and abide by the rules then please do so. If you are here to stir up crap, please just leave. We are putting in a lot of hours and hard work to keep the forum a great place to hang out, lets keep it that way.
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