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Default Re: Received my KM -not happy

I'll just go down the list point-by-point:
1. The reason why the grommet won't fit is because of the base. The opening is supposed to be 2 inches but, with that good ol' 'hand crafted quality', it will vary somewhat. Do what others have suggested and sand the grommet down.
2. The ball bearing needs to be replaced. You can get by for awhile by wetting it and rubbing it around in a towel or rough cloth to remove most of the surface rust. Also, clean out the dished area where the ball bearing sits.
3. I couldn't find the link on the hookahshop site, but I imagine the 'brass stem' refers to the brass section in the middle (although I suspect it's anodized stainless). Remember there is a difference between 'brass' and 'solid brass'. The hookah you have is made from spun metal and will be lighter. That should not affect the performance.
4. The 'browish inner stem' might be from some buildup leftover from manufacture. Any hookah should get a very thorough cleaning before its first use.
Although it's hard to tell from the pics, the downstem appears to be stainless. Which is just as good as brass.
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