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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

There are important points that need to be focused on because after 8 pages, it seems like every time it is said, it is ignored, so lets try putting all the points down real quick.

1) This post was created so when John was banned you guys would know why. You guys would see this information and not believe everything laid out for you in the e-mail he sent out inviting you to forum he created that has a long post explaining everything the ban is not about.

2) This post was not created so members can bash Sambooka on his own site using his own money to host ridiculous accusations against him.

3) We know all vendors are people too, that being said, they throw away their right to be treated as a non-vendor the second they become a vendor. There is a good reason for this, we don't need the reviews of their product fluffed and competing vendors put down (which if you cared to notice was actually one of the violations listed).

4) The banning has nothing to do with John as a business owner and nothing to do with John as a person. It has all to do with John as a vending member of this site. You may call all the violations small, but if you consider they are all on a similar note, and that he was talked to about it each time, it all adds up. If I told my wife to leave me alone once, its nothing big, but if I say it all the time, there'd be a divorce pretty quick.


Here's a little part I decided to write in case my bias gets called out. I have a temsah hookah entirely free from John on the basis to review. I say that in the video where I reviewed it and then proceed to give it a positive review. If I was lying at all about the product, tell me why so many members love their temsah rigs? Tell me why its the hookah I decided to bring with me to Iraq for a deployment. I have purchased an alien bowl, I have ch coals, I have made tons of purchases from John. My 3 most expensive most attractive rigs have all come from him. I admit to that, and admit to the fact that I still think he broke the rules clearly laid out several times. I also think there is a shot of redemption if the nonsense stops.

(Click here to see my temsah hookah in iraq next to a stack of CH coals to the left of the group)

I'd like to finish with posting the vendor rules here for you guys, which is clearly stickied in our vendor introduction forum they are added rules for everyone who has signed up to the forums. Now considering that basically all were violated, and several times at that, do you now consider an indefinite ban to be extreme? Other vendors have just gotten a straight permaban, theres no chance ever to return, however, this at least has a shot of redemption, and being the pestilent child does not really aid in that.

The "Current" Policy On Vendors
Vendors will be allowed to:
Allowed to put a text link to their web site in their signatures (in a standard font). NOT BANNERS!
They must be a contributor to the "community" as far as advice / discussion goes.
... in other words, NOT be just posting free advertisements!

If a vendor achieves a total of 100+ votes, they will receive a specialized title of "Vendor" below there name.

We are also hosting a topic with "Discount Codes From Vendors", in the "Vendor Sales / Specials / Deals" section, so if you would like to setup a discount for Hookah Pro Members, let me know and I will add you to the post with your web site, coupon code and discount percentage.

We will also have a board for vendors to post their monthly specials, new products, etc. This will be called "Vendor Sales / Specials / Deals", this section will be available to all members. And in that board, vendors will be able to interact with members on what they offer for specials, new products, etc....This is the ONLY area to post your "Vendor Sales / Specials / Deals", and your area to interact with members of the forum should they want to inquire about your "Vendor Sales / Specials / Deals" (VIOLATED)

There is also a "Vendor Introduction" section. That is for vendors to introduce themselves. Please use this section. Vendors are provided with a multitude of sections to promote/sell/introduce themselves, by no means should vendors be doing that in any other section! Please utilize the areas of the forum that have been provided for you. If these rules are violated, there will be a 4 day ban.

Added - 10DEC07 (To clarify, so there is no questioning the rules that have already been stated above.)
Posts in the main section such as "Hit me up for the best prices" or "I have lower prices than so and so" will not be tolerated. Provide an educational post about the topic or question that remains unbiased towards your business, or don't post anything at all. (VIOLATED)

Added- 06/04/08 The only advertising you are allowed to do at Hookah Pro is posting in the Vendors Sales/ Specials/ Deals section, or the vendor banner. Do not use Private Messages, chat box or e mails or any other direct contact with our members. Also do not use our photo gallery to advertise. (VIOLATED)

Added 06/08/09 From the general rules section... Vendors, you are not allowed to review products you are selling. Or considering selling. If you have, the post will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Repeated self-reviews will result in a strike ban. (VIOLATED)