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Default Re: Forum Announcement: Regarding **********

After reading all of this, it feels to me like a real life situation where 2 people you know have a falling out (i know this is bigger than that, but i think it works for the sake of argument). If you feel like whatever has split the 2 has little to do with you, by all means continue associating with both... SEPARATELY. If that means not even mentioning the one party when you're with the other (i completely agree with all who have said "his house his rules," and whoever brought up "benevolent dictatorships") then that's what you do. IRL, this is done out of respect, as it should be here. IRL also, if you do slip up and mention the other party, there's a good chance that someone will pull you aside and quietly remind you that "we're not talking about them," and i feel like it will be handled in a similar manner here. these are unwritten rules that keep relationships running smoothly. here, those rules are actually written down, which seems to make some people uncomfortable. we've become so accustomed to our glorious freedoms of speech that we feel that they extend anywhere and sometimes forget that by voluntarily submitting yourself into a sub-community with its own customs and rules, you are agreeing to abide by them (and if you don't like them, you are perfectly free to take your ball and go home).

I also understand (sort of) the not mentioning of banned vendors. i was looking at making my first online shisha purchase at another vendor, looked around and saw that they took coupon codes, searched for a code and ended up at this forum (so happy i found you guys ). after looking around here and seeing all the positive reviews of HJ and seeing that i would save money, i ended up purchasing from him and having a very positive experience. in an amusing side note, in the comments with my order, not knowing all this was going on, i told him that i discovered his site through HP, and my package arrived yesterday. one reason i frequent forums is for the personal experiences with products/services/vendors that people voluntarily post. i feel like, with a little patience and the understanding that not everything you read is fact, you can find more truth there than in advertising.

anyway, not that it was needed, but that's my $.02 on the whole situation. i'm interested on seeing how this plays out with his products, but ultimately don't see it effecting me personally. the one thing i am interested in that i don't see discussed yet is the "shopping cart" section. should i order from him again and post what i bought but not where i bought it from, won't the omission of vendor name be a pretty dead giveaway that its from him?